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This course explores the key insurance concepts and practices that every board member and property manager should be aware of when making decisions about insurance for their community.


Created by Right Insurance Group

Last updated 10/29/2020

Insurance Essentials


An Online Course for Florida Community Association Board Members & Property Managers

FREE for Board Members and Property Managers

This course includes:
Downloadable resources
Full online access
Mobile access
Certificate of completion

What you'll learn

  • Everything you need to make informed decisions about insurance for your community association.

  • You will learn about the most important types of insurance coverage for community associations and what you need for your association.

  • Explore the relationship between associations, members, insurance agents, brokers and insurance companies.

  • Learn how to handle claims.

  • Learn how to prepare for your insurance renewal.

  • Discover the importance of a property appraisal.

  • Learn about wind mitigation reports and other ways to make sure that you are getting available discounts and cost savings for your association.

  • Explore the key insurance coverages that you need to protect your board of directors and other members of the association.

  • Review the coverages that you need for your property manager.

  • Discover the policies that you may already have that include legal defense costs.

  • Learn how to quickly determine what insurance coverages your association has.

  • Learn what you must do when hiring contractors.


No prior experience is required. We will start with the very basics.
You'll just need a computer or mobile device with internet access.


Who this course is for

You should take this course if you want to become more knowledgeable about the insurance for your community association. This course was designed for board members, unit owners, and property managers of Florida condominium association or homeowners’ association. It is ideal for those who have little to no knowledge about insurance, as it starts with the fundamentals and gradually builds up your knowledge.

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