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Do You Have The Right Insurance?

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Our focus is condominium associations

Simple is better, and it just doesn't get any easier than working with us! We won't burden you with long complicated forms. Simply provide some basics then we'll do the rest. We specialize in delivering exceptional, affordable insurance designed to fit the needs of residential communities. We work with the world’s leading providers to provide insurance for condominium associations.


The right insurance for your condo association

Insurance is typically one of the biggest line items on your condo association budget. Our professional team understands the operational, financial, and legal challenges that face communities and shape the coverage that they need.

There are many different kinds of insurance that your Condo Association pays for. We strongly recommend that you contact us to schedule a free, independent review of the insurance policies carried by your Condo Association. We have been able to help many clients significantly reduce the insurance expense for their condo, while providing identical or superior insurance coverage.

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Managing the risk for your condo association

If you only see your insurance agent when it's time to collect a check, you may be missing important coverage or paying too much. Right Insurance Group specializes in condo association insurance, knows the market, understands insurance trends, and will identify coverages to better protect your Condo Association. Every year things change, and if your agent is not a specialist, you and your association could have gaps in coverage and be paying too much.


Helping to manage your claims

Typically, agents shift claims straight to the insurance carrier. The insurance carrier hires third party adjusters for their claims, but those adjusters are looking out for the interest of the company that hired them.


With Right Insurance Group as your independent insurance agency, we can be an advocate on your association’s claims and help your association with the claim from beginning to end.

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