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Tropical Storm Imelda hit the Texas Gulf Coast on Sept. 17, 2019, as a fairly low-level tropical storm but that doesn’t mean it was an inexpensive one in terms of property damage, especially with regard to flooding.

Home insurance is getting a whole lot more expensive, a wallet punch for residents of a state that already has the highest property insurance rates in the nation, not to mention a staggering unemployment problem from a surging pandemic.

Major insurance companies are raising windstorm premiums in Florida as much as 33 percent and dropping tens of thousands of customers, signaling an end to the nearly decade-long lull in prices. At the same time, some companies also are canceling thousands of home policies to reduce risks of corporate losses.

  • Sanjay Kurian

Almost three years have passed since Hurricane Irma and almost two years since Hurricane Michael. If your community has received insurance money and rebuilt, or if your community has only suffered minor damages, both hurricanes may seem a lifetime ago. Unfortunately, many communities are still suffering through unpaid claims and, in many cases, unknown damages.

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